Produced using superior UV lacquer technology, Lamigloss offers a unique mirror effect.

With special formulas developed by 5K, Lamigloss makes a difference with its long-term durability in the areas where it is used, thanks to its excellent physical and mechanical properties


Lamimatt, produced using excimer technology, has a unique surface with a silky touch feature which does not leave

fingerprints. It has high resistance to scratches and stains.







The Lamiart collection offers special design options in high gloss or super matte surfaces, produced with advanced technology production processes.

Our products are manufactured with special components that ensure high resistance, durability and superior quality,

while also having surprising technical properties where sustainable surfaces combine art and functionality.

The Lamiart collection is designed to add elegance and uniqueness to any space.

This collection is not just a surface but also a work of art; It goes beyond adding elegance and functionality to your








This collection offers fascinating natural-looking products with 3D-effect surfaces with matching textures and visuals treated with special painting techniques on the panel surfaces.

Each product is designed to offer a unique touch and experience that is far from ordinary. The designs you will

discover in this collection will take you to a world where you have no chance of finding anything similar.

Our Lamieffect collection offers a fascinating product series with natural wood surfaces, created by mechanically

processing the 3D texture directly onto the panel surface by applying special techniques.

Each piece in this collection is produced with meticulous workmanship and innovative technology, bringing the  warmth and naturalness of wood to modern living spaces, while offering the perfect balance between durability and aesthetics.