Child Labor Force
We do not use Child Labor Force. The definition “children” means individuals under 15 years of age or older, age specified under the local law for work, or age below the age required to complete compulsory education. 5K, which recruits young people who do not fall within the definition of “child”, will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to such personnel.

We do not discriminate on the basis of language, race, religion, age, nationality, ethnicity, gender, political opinion during recruitment and employment, including salary, benefits, promotion, discipline, termination or retirement.

Health and Safety
5K Surface Technologies provides to its employees with a healthy and safe business environment in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Salary System
We comply with all salary and working hours laws and grants rights acquired in the legal framework to the beneficiaries, including minimum wages, overtime, maximum working hours, price per piece, and salary laws. 5K Surface Technologies charges overtimes in accordance with the minimum rate guidelines set by laws, or if there is no law for overtime, with at least the normal hourly rate. We encourage suppliers to meet high standards if local industry standards are higher than applicable legal requirements.

Environmental Protection
5K Surface Technologies comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and will regulate its works to protect the environment and respect nature.

  •  carry out all our business within ethical framework and sense of responsibility.
  • respect all the rights of individuals.
  • be sensitive to the environment.